1.5V R6 UM3 Heavy Duty AA Battery

The AA battery (or double-A battery) is a standard size single cell cylindrical dry battery. The IEC 60086 system calls the size R6, and ANSI C18 calls it 15. It is named UM-3 by JIS of Japan.Primary (non-rechargeable) zinc–carbon (dry cell) AA batteries have around 400–900 milliampere hours capacity, with measured capacity highly dependent on test conditions, duty cycle, and cut-off voltage. Zinc–carbon batteries are usually marketed as "general purpose" batteries.

Products Details

Weight and discharging capacity Typical Weight: 14.0g discharge capacity: 800mAh(load 43Ω, 4h/day, 20±2℃, RH60±15%, final voltage 0.9V) open-circuit voltage, closed - circuit voltage and short-circuit currentDischarging Ability

temperature: 20±2℃

Discharge Conditions


National standard requirement

Shortest Average

Discharging Time

Discharge load

Discharge Time

Cut-off discharge voltage


2 months, new battery

After 12 months at

room temperature



0.9 V






0.9 V






0.9 V

75 cycles

150 cycles

135 cycles



1.0 V






0.8 V






0.8 V




Satisfaction Standard: 1. 9 pieces of battery will be tested for each discharging standard; 2. The result of the average discharging time from each discharging standard shall be equal to or more than the average minimum time requirement; no more than one battery has a service output less than 80% of the specified requirement. Then the batch battery performance test qualified. 3. If nine section of the battery discharge average less than the specified value of minimum average discharge time and (or) is less than the specified value of 80% of the battery number more than 1, we should take another 9 batteries to test again and calculate the average. Calculation results conform to the requirement of article 2, the batch battery performance test qualified. If it does not conform to the requirement of article 2, the batch battery performance test is unqualified, and no longer test.Safety CharacteristicsSigns The following markings will be printed, stamped or impressed on the body of battery: 1. Designation: R6P/ AA 2. Manufacturer or trademark:Sunmol ® 3. Polarity:“+”and“-” 4. Expiration date deadline or manufacturing time 5. The attention notes for safe use.Storage and shelf life 1. Batteries should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry place. 2. The battery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time or in the rain. 3. Not to mix removed packaging battery stack together. 4. Stored at condition of tempreture20℃±2℃, relative humidity 60±15%RH, the battery shelf life is 2 years.

With parameter adjustment, product technology updates, technology specification will update at any time, please do not hesitate to contact to stand for the latest version of the specification.

Typical discharge curve Discharge environment: 20℃±2℃, RH60±15%Scope This specification governs the technical requirements of Sunmol Carbon Zinc battery of R6P/AA. If it doesn’t list the other detailed requirements, the technical requirements and dimensions of battery should meet or above GB/T8897.1 and GB /T8897.2. 1.1Reference Standards GB/T8897.1 (IEC60086-1, MOD)(Primary Battery Part 1: General) GB/T8897.2 (IEC60086-2, MOD)(Primary Battery Part2: Size and Technical requirements) GB8897.5 (IEC 60086-5, IDT)(Primary Battery Part5: Safety of batteries with aqueous electrolyte) 1.2Environmental Protection Standard The battery meets the standard of EU battery directives 2006/66/EC.Chemical system, Voltage and Designation Electrochemical system: zinc - manganese dioxide (ammonium chloride electrolyte  solution), does not contain mercury Nominal voltage: 1.5V Naming: IEC: R6P     ANSI: AA     JIS: SUM-3     Others: 15FBattery Size Conform to the requirements of the brief 3.1 Acceptance tool Using vernier caliper measurement precision is not less than 0.02 mm, measure to prevent the battery short circuit, one end of the caliper head card should be labeled as a layer of insulating materials. 3.2 Acceptance methods The GB2828.1-2003 normal inspection sampling plan at a time, special inspection level S-3, acceptance quality limit AQL=1.0





sampling standard

After 2 months, new battery




GB2828.1-2003 Normal inspection sampling plan, special inspection level S-4,AQL=1.0

After 12 months at

room temperature




Test conditions

load resistance 3.9Ω, measuring time 0.3 seconds,temperature 20±2℃




Acceptance Standard


at temperature 20±2℃; relative humidity: 60±15% RH ,

load 10Ω ,

Discharge one hour everyday until the voltage turn to 0.6V

 No leakage recognized by eyes




high temperature storage

Stored in 45±2℃,Under the environment of relative humidity to 90% RH for 20 days








Acceptance Standard

External short circuit

At temperature 20±2℃,With wires to the battery positive negative switched on 24 hours

No explosion





Anti-leakage abilityCautions for Use 1. Since the battery is not manufactured for recharging, there are risks of electrolyte leakage or causing damage to the device if the battery is charged. 2. The battery shall be installed with its "+" and "-" polarity in a correct position, otherwise may cause short-circuit. 3. Short-circuiting, heating, disposing of into fire or disassembling of battery is prohibited. 4. Battery can not be forced discharged, which leads to excess gassing and may result in bulging, leakage and de-crimping of cap. 5. New batteries and used ones can not be used at the same time. It is recommended to use the same brand when replacing batteries. 6. Electrical appliances should be take out the battery when not in use for a long time 7. Exhausted batteries shall be removed from the compartment in order to prevent over-discharge. 8. Prohibit direct welding battery, otherwise it will damage the battery. 9. Battery are to be kept away from children. If swallowed, contact a physician at once.Normal Packing Every 2 or 3 and 4 batteries or according to customer requirements with transparent membrane after hot shrinkage, each 60 knots in 1 inner boxes, 16 boxes into 1 box.


Q1.Is this product safe?

A: Anti short circuit & Anti scald, Anti explosion,Environmental friendly.   Q2. Could you do customer brand? A:Of course ,we could provide professional OEM service.   Q3.What’s the MOQ? A:Small quantity is OK for trial order or samples if we have stock,customize brand or customize request please contact us.


“Customer First, Service Foremost” is our service philosophy. We put considerable effort into optimizing our order fulfillment service to meet each client’s satisfaction. Also, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.Our company is able to meet the developed demands of clients with excellent quality batteries, preferential prices and perfect service. Both OEM and ODM orders are welcome.  

Batteries don’t normally leak on their own. Leakage is most often caused by improper contact or by leaving them in unused devices. If you notice chemical discharge, be sure not to touch it. Try removing the batteries with a paper towel or a toothpick. Dispose of them at your nearest recycling point.Was established in December 1997, with 25 years of development experience, Sunmol battery is proud to be a factory of alkaline battery, zinc carbon battery,AG alkaline button battery and a series of CR lithium button battery. The products are widely used in remote controls, cameras, electronic dictionaries, calculators, watches, electronic toys and other electronic appliances. All of our equipment are from the Germany and Japan, we learned the advanced technology from them in the meantime. With the good homemade packaging & printing producing lines and the newly tester, accompany our skillful people and hard-working staff.  The company's advanced production equipment, sophisticated testing equipment, and standardized management provide a reliable guarantee for the stability and improvement of product quality. A large amount of capital has been invested in new product development and technological innovation, and a large number of high-tech talents have been introduced. At present, we are exported more than 5,000 millions batteries annually.  

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