DG Sunmo High quality 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery

The 9-volt battery, is a common battery voltage. Batteries of various sizes and capacities are manufactured; a very common size is known as PP3, introduced for early transistor radios. The PP3 has a rectangular prism shape with rounded edges and a polarized snap connector at the top. This type is commonly used for many applications including household uses such as smoke and gas detectors, clocks, and toys.

Products Details

Weight and discharging capacity Battery weight about: 42g Discharging capacity: 500mAh(Loading180Ω, 24h/day, 20±2℃ RH60±15%, End-point Voltage4.8V) Open circuit voltageDischarging Ability

Discharging Temp:20±2℃




Shortest Average Discharging Time


Discharging Way

End-point Voltage


2 months new battery

12 months storage battery



5.4 V






5.4 V






4.8 V




Accordance of shortest discharging time 1. Testing 9 batteries of each discharging way 2. The result of the average discharging time from each discharging standard shall be equal to or more than the average minimum time requirement; no more than one battery has a service output less than 80% of the specified requirement 3. The result of the average discharging time from each discharging standard shall be equal to or more than the average minimum time requirement, if one battery has a service output less than 80% of the specified requirement then take another 9 pieces to test again. This lot of batteries are qualified if the result meets the NO.2 provision. If not qualified then will not test again.Safety RequirementsSigns The following signs are on the battery body 1. Model: 6LR61 2. Manufacturer and brand: Sunmol ® 3. Battery Poles: “+”and“-” 4. Expiry date or manufacturing date 5. Warnings.Storage and Expiry  1. Batteries should be put in cool, dry and with air-flowing places 2. The batteries should not be exposed in sunshine or in raining places. 3. Do not mix the batteries which without labels 4. Storing in 20℃±2℃, 60±15%RH condition. The storage time is 3 years.

With the progress of product technology, technical parameters, the specification will be updated too, pls contact Anyida for latest specification.

Nominal discharging curve Discharging condition: 20℃±2℃,RH60±15%Scope This specification provides the technical requirements of alkaline manganese dioxide battery(6LR61). The requirements and size should satisfy or above GB/T8897.1 and GB /T8897.2 if there is no any other detail requirements. 1.1Reference Standards GB/T8897.1 (IEC60086-1, MOD)(Primary Battery Part 1: General) GB/T8897.2 (IEC60086-2, MOD)(Primary Battery Part2: Size and Technical requirements) GB8897.5 (IEC 60086-5, MOD)(Primary Battery Part5: Safety of batteries with aqueous electrolyte) 1.2Environmental Protection Standard The battery meets the standard of EU battery derective 2006/66/EC.Chemical system, Voltage and Designation Chemical system: Zn-MnO2(KOH), without Hg&Cr Nominal Voltage: 9.0V Designation: IEC: 6LR61     Sunmol: 6LR61Battery Size Battery meets the picture standard 3.1 Inspection Tool Using vernier calipers which precision is up 0.02mm. to avoid short-circuit, should paste on one insulation material on one end of the vernier calipers. 3.2 Acceptance Method Using GB2828.1-2003 sampling program, special sampling S-3, acceptance quality limitation: AQL=1.0


Open circuit Voltage(V)

Sampling Voltage

In 2 months

New battery


GB2828.1-2003 One Sampling, special sampling S-4, AQL=1.0

12 months storage in room temperature






Environmental conditions

Load Resistance (Ω)

Discharge mode

Termination voltage (V)

Temperature of 20±2 ℃, 60±15% RH




No leakage by visual inspection











Qualified Standard

External Short-circuit

Using wire to connect positive and negative pole in 20±2℃ for 24h.

No Explosion




Anti-leakage abilityCautions for using 1. This battery can’t be charged, leakage and explosion may happen when charging. 2. Make sure the battery is in correct position as + and -. 3. Short-circuit, heating, disposing of into fire or disassembling of battery is prohibited. 4. Battery can not be forced discharged, which leads to excess gassing and may result in bulging, leakage and de-crimping of cap. 5. New batteries and used ones can not be used at the same time. It is recommended to use the same brand when replacing batteries. 6. The battery should be taken out from the device which will not be used for a long time. 7. Exhausted battery should be taken out from the device. 8. Welding batteries are prohibited or it will cause damage. 9. The batteries should be kept from children, if swallowed, contact a doctor immediately.Nominal discharging curve Discharging condition: 20℃±2℃, RH60±15%

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A: Generally, we pack our batteries in carton .If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.


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