Top R20c Battery Manufacturer in China

Sunmol Battery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of R20C batteries in China. Our R20C battery is a reliable and cost-effective solution for various high-drain devices like torches, boomboxes, and more. We use advanced technology and high-quality materials to produce batteries with stable performance and longer shelf life.

Our R20C battery has a capacity of around 18,000mAh and a low self-discharge rate. It provides consistent power output even under extreme temperatures and high discharge rates. The battery also features a leak-proof design, ensuring safe usage and storage.

Sunmol R20C battery is an eco-friendly option that complies with all the relevant international standards. Our batteries undergo strict quality testing, ensuring that you receive flawless products for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our R20C batteries and other battery products.
  • Introducing the R20c Battery, an innovative and powerful energy source that is designed to meet your power needs. This battery is a type of alkaline battery that provides long-lasting and reliable performance for a variety of devices. It is the perfect battery for high-demand applications that require high power. With its advanced technology and quality construction, the R20c Battery is engineered to offer superior performance compared to other batteries in its class. It boasts an impressive capacity, which means it can deliver a sustained output of power for an extended period. The R20c is also designed to operate in extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications and remote locations. This battery is suitable for a wide range of devices, including flashlights, remote controls, radios, and portable audio players. It is also ideal for use in toys and games, electronic tools, and medical devices. The R20c Battery is built to last and is resistant to leakage, ensuring that your devices are always powered and protected. In conclusion, the R20c Battery is a reliable and trusted power source that ensures your devices run smoothly and efficiently for longer periods. It is a cost-effective solution that provides excellent value for your money. Try the R20c Battery today and experience the difference in performance it can offer.
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